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Dark Skull Coffee

Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love): Mexican Chocolate

Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love): Mexican Chocolate

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Welcome to the world of Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love): Mexican Chocolate Coffee, where every sip of our exceptional coffee blend tells a story of intrigue and passion. Crafted for readers who cherish the allure of forbidden romance, this coffee offers a symphony of flavors that mirror the complexities of love. Whether you choose to savor it on its own or indulge in it as an after-dinner cordial with Tequila or Kahlua, this coffee is the perfect companion to your reading adventures. With each sip, allow the entwined flavors to transport you to the world of hidden passions, unspoken desires, and the thrill of forbidden love. 

Roast: Medium

Ingredients: Coffee, Natural Flavoring

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